Welcome to Jax at Heart clothing exchange. This is the heart of gently used brand name clothing, apparel, and more for less. Jax is a clothing exchange store where we buy and sell brand name clothing. We get new items everyday, so come in often to get the best deal. Our staff is friendly, helpful, and professional.

Jax at Heart is started from an inspiration to establish a clothing store where people can shop and not spend a lot of money on nice brand name clothing. Of course we all love to shop and get the best deals on great clothes! Jax will also have an online store for great clothes too! Eventually we will work on getting an app so you can get all our updates for some new items that go online.

At Jax, we love to give back. One of the organizations we are giving back to is the Susan G Komen Foundation for breast cancer awareness. Twelve years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It took many months of wondering what was going to happen. I spent months in chemotherapy treatments and radiation treatments. With the support of my family, friends and doctors, I made it through. This experience has made me want to give back to the breast cancer awareness foundation.

We want to get our community involved with Jax. Do you want to send in photos of you in your favorite outfits? Or you can even take the snapshot of your favorite items! Post on our Instagram or FaceBook pages. We will have drawings and contests every so often. Check back to our pages often to see who has won!