Do You Really Need That New Pair of Jeans?

Have you fallen victim of spending all of your paycheck before even getting it? It’s okay, we’ve all been there and are probably still doing it no matter how hard we try. It’s sort of like you’re trapped in an emotionally-charged cycle; you feel somewhat happy showcasing the newest designer clothing but all in the while you are in crippling debt. You probably get constant unwarranted remarks from your friends and family because of your shopaholism, but it’s solely because they are envious of how stylish you look every day. Seriously, being in a couple thousands of dollars in debt from shopping isn’t the worst thing in the world. However, once you are unable to pay for rent or even afford the necessities, then it’s time for you to really stop and reflect deeply about your spending problem. Have no fear, I’ve listed some questions that may help you decide whether your not you should save that paycheck or spend it.

Do you really need that? – If you have something similar whether it’s the same style or color, you don’t need it. You wouldn’t want to have two items that are practically synonymous in functionality. You would lose its appreciation.

Will you wear this a lot and feel good in it? They say confidence is something that comes from within but wearing clothes that make you look good will sure help with that. I think if you’re in love with that new jacket or jeans, then I say spend the extra money because it’ll be an investment. You never know, what if those jeans make you look so good that your crush proposes to you right there and then and you’re happily married shortly after; you wouldn’t think twice about spending that extra $100.

Are you prepared to skip meals and fun hangouts with friends? Typically there is one caveat to spending money on clothes; you probably have to refrain from eating out with your friends. If you’re prepared to miss out on those fun experiences with your ride-or-dies, then whatever you’re eyeing on must be really worth it.

These are just a few comical questions I ask myself whenever I’m in a bind. In all seriousness, as young working adults, it is imperative to have discipline when it comes to spending your hard earned money. Essentially, it’s all about finding that perfect balance of spending and saving. If you’re interested in something at the store, I recommend saving a portion of your paycheck towards that and buy it as soon as you have the money for it. Moreover, if you can muster the strength to wait for a while, that item might go on sale and you’ll feel extra good about saving money. Then, with the money you saved, you can go out with your friends and enjoy their company while looking stylish; now that’s goals.