New Year’s Resolutions!

With the end of the holiday season fast approaching and the year 2016 just around the corner, I want to discuss some popular New Year’s Resolutions that a majority of people make but inevitably fail to keep. Below is the top 10 resolutions of this past year:


  1. Lose weight
  2. Be More Organized
  3. Spend Less, Save More
  4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest
  5. Staying Fit and Healthy
  6. Learn Something Exciting
  7. Quit Smoking
  8. Help Others in Their Dreams
  9. Fall in Love
  10. Spend More Time with the Family


The list encompasses weight loss, healthy living, and an overall better quality of life. (However, I don’t know entirely what number 8 means). Moreover, I want to know why there is a large sum of people who don’t keep their resolution, and ultimately, revert back to their old ways or even worse than before. Many psychologists say that we are not ready to change our habits, just like the old saying, “bad habits die hard.” Secondly, we set unrealistic goals that are quite difficult to achieve. Thirdly, when we do achieve our set goal and we don’t see any drastic change in our lives, we feel discouraged and revert back to our old ways. So how are we able to keep our New Year’s Resolutions?


Firstly, you need to ask yourself if you are really serious about change. Just because it’s a new year, it doesn’t mean you should change along with it. If you’re making resolutions left and right just because people are telling you it’s necessary because of the new year, then there’s a high probability that you won’t keep them since you don’t have any internal motivation to fulfill them. Secondly, don’t dive in at the more difficult goals like to lose weight or quit smoking. It is not smart to change your diet drastically to lose weight or go cold turkey; you will be miserable. Instead, take baby steps and succeed at those first so you can adopt that good habit. Thirdly, try to have one resolution at a time so you can focus all your attention and willpower at fulfilling it, which will increase your success rate.
Lastly, it’s really important to remember that losing weight, staying fit, quitting smoking, etc. are all habitual behaviors that need to be constantly performed, hence it being called a “habit”. Once you create those good habits, you need discipline to prevent yourself from falling backwards to your bad habits. Just remember that when you ring in the New Year. Cheers.