What Every Guy Needs In His Closet

Are you a young guy entering the the end of your adolescent life and are looking to reinvent your style? Maybe it’s time to retire those graphic tees and basketball shorts and trade them in for a nice pair of chinos and a button up plaid shirt. Moreover, let’s throw in those rubber shoes for a stylish pair of sneakers. For this post, I’ve listed the fundamental staples that any guy needs in his closet to prepare him for the adult fashion world.


Black Jeans: A good pair of black jeans is versatile and will never go out of style. You can wear them anywhere you go, whether it’s a casual day or a night out on the town. Moreover, black goes well with almost all the colors so you have a lot of options when choosing tops to wear.

Blue Jeans: Blue jeans are more for a casual look when you’re out with friends getting lunch. Wear these with sneakers and a flannel shirt and you’re good to go.

White Crew/V-Neck Shirt: A white tee can be worn as an undershirt or on its own; it’s the perfect staple to any outfit. Wear this with a nice pair of dark jeans and you’ll be sure to catch people’s attention.

Plaid Button Up Shirt: Plaid is the go-to pattern for a casual look. Try to stay clear from the buffalo plaid patterned shirts and instead opt for different plaid shirts for a more interesting look.

Oxford Shirt: Oxford shirts are very stylish and can be worn at both day and night events. Moreover, they are form fitting and will make you look good.

Tan Leather Belt: Belts are essential in keeping your pants around your waist. Stray away from the black and dark brown colors and go for a more neutral color like tan or light brown for that extra pop of color in your outfits.

Grey Sweatshirt Hoodie: Grey hoodies are perfect for those cold and slow days that come often. Whenever you’re feeling lazy, it shouldn’t be an excuse to not look stylish. You can wear this with a pair of sweatpants or joggers for an easy look.

Navy Sweater: Navy and indigo colored sweaters are great for fall/winter looks. These colors go well with black and light brown pants/jeans.

Casual Sneakers: Every guy needs a stylish casual shoe for comfortable walking in everyday looks. I personally enjoy wearing Converse sneakers and I think they’re perfect for casual looks. I recommend going for a neutral color like the black/white or the white shoes.

Chukka Boots: Chukka boots will elevate your footwear game because they can be worn as a casual shoe or a stylish formal one. These look really good with jeans, both dark and light depending on the color of the boots. Moreover, I like rolling my jeans up to showcase some colorful socks that will add some contrast within the outfit. When wearing dark jeans, opt for light colored socks like taupe and gray. When wearing blue jeans, opt for black or charcoal gray socks.


Again, these are just the basic tools you need in your arsenal to launch your fashion domination. After acquiring most of these items, you can play with layering and pairing them to create different silhouettes. I recommend adding colored trousers and a nice denim jacket along the way. Pretty soon you’ll be the guy that girls want to be with and that the fellas want to be.