New Year’s Resolutions!
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With the end of the holiday season fast approaching and the year 2016 just around the corner, I want to discuss some popular New Year’s Resolutions that a majority of people make but inevitably fail to keep. Below is the top 10 resolutions of this past year:   Lose weight Be More Organized Spend Less,

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What Every Guy Needs In His Closet
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Are you a young guy entering the the end of your adolescent life and are looking to reinvent your style? Maybe it’s time to retire those graphic tees and basketball shorts and trade them in for a nice pair of chinos and a button up plaid shirt. Moreover, let’s throw in those rubber shoes for

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Do You Really Need That New Pair of Jeans?
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Have you fallen victim of spending all of your paycheck before even getting it? It’s okay, we’ve all been there and are probably still doing it no matter how hard we try. It’s sort of like you’re trapped in an emotionally-charged cycle; you feel somewhat happy showcasing the newest designer clothing but all in the

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